DRM-protection troubleshooting

Digital Rights Management (DRM) provides content protection so that videos are only being played by users who are authorized to play them. DRM-protected content is playable from both our web player and mobile apps, but we suggest playing from our supported mobile apps for best results.

Common DRM-related errors are listed below:

Error  Description/suggested solution
Unsupported browser or device Check if your browser supports DRM content protection or use a different browser.
Unsupported app version

Please update your app to the latest version available.

Unsupported external monitors Try unplugging your external monitor before playing a DRM-protected video.
Network connectivity Your IP address may have changed during playback. Please try reloading the video or refresh the web page.
Geo-blocking You may be trying to play a video in a country where the rights are unavailable.
Screen resolution Devices with a screen resolution below 720p may not support playback of DRM content. Try changing your display settings to a higher screen resolution or use a different device.


Supported Mobile Apps

Unsupported Browsers

The browsers listed below do not support DRM content protection:

  • Linux OS, OpenBSD OS, Fedora OS
  • Internet Explorer - Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1
  • Chrome 52 and below
  • Firefox 46 and below
  • Safari 10 and below
  • Opera 51 and below

If the above suggestions do not resolve the DRM-related issues you are experiencing, please contact us at [email protected] and include your device name, OS, and Kanopy app version.

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