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COUNTER compliance reports

Overview of COUNTER compliance

The Counter Code of Practice Release 4 outlines the latest requirements for Counter Compliance for the reporting of usage for online video. To achieve counter-compliance for streaming media, there is only one report that looks like the following (a Counter excel template is also attached to this article):

In defining the terms used in the above report, COUNTER provides the following guidance:

  • Multimedia Full Content Unit: An item of non-textual media content such as an image, streaming or downloadable audio or video files. (Does not include thumbnails or descriptive text/metadata)
  • Content Provider: An organization whose function is to commission, create, collect, validate, host, distribute and trade information in electronic form.
  • Collection: A subset of the content of a service; a collection is a branded group of online information products from one or more vendors that can be subscribed to/licensed and searched as a complete group.
  • Platform: An interface from an Aggregator, Host, Publisher or Service that delivers the content to the user and that counts and provides the COUNTER usage reports.
  • Item requests: Number of items requested by users as a result of a user request, action, or search. User requests include viewing, downloading, emailing and printing of items, where this activity can be recorded and controlled by the server rather than the browser. Turnaways will also be counted.
  • Successful request: For streaming media the start of the AV Play will be counted as the successful request. The start of the AV Play may be measured either by a (client side) AV Play or by a (Server Side) AV Request

Creating COUNTER reports on Kanopy

Kanopy provides very broad reporting capabilities via the library Admin dashboard. A COUNTER report seeks a monthly breakdown of "plays", which is Kanopy's terminology used for "successful media item requests". A "play" is logged each time a user clicks on a film link, presses the play button and the film loads to play - and is hence a "successful item request" for the film.

To create your COUNTER report, access your admin dashboard and enter the Analytics section. Use the date range tool to get the total "plays" for each month or download the Daily Use Report to get breakdown of usage by day. 

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