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Accessing unproxied links from off-campus

Links to your Kanopy website will work without including the proxy prefix. When Kanopy sets up your website, your Kanopy URL is institution.kanopy.com, where "institution" is your library or institution's designated acronym. Depending on your authentication system, we will also set up proxy authentication for your patrons to access the platform if they are not in your IP ranges.

If a user accesses their Kanopy platform from outside the IP range, our system will automatically redirect patrons to their proxy login page and a proxied link.

Benefits of the auto-redirect:

  1. It is much easier to remember a shorter unproxied URL
  2. If you change your proxy or access method in the future, all links that have been shared or embedded by users will continue to work
  3. Users will not always be forced through the proxy. When accessing the website on campus within a designated IP range, users will not need to go through the proxy, providing an improved user experience
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