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Why do URL links for Kanopy work without proxy?

You may notice that the links to your Kanopy website will work in the absence of applying the proxy wrap to the URLs.

For example, when we set up your website, we will tell you that your Kanopy URL is http://institution.kanopystreaming.com (where "institution" is your library or institution's designated acronym).

You may then proxy the database and film URLs for your library catalog and website as you may typically do for resources. E.g. change this URL to be http://ezproxy.library.institution.edu/login?url=http://institution.kanopystreaming.com

However, in addition to that, Kanopy will also set up an auto-redirect for your "unproxied" website such that it will autoproxy for users trying to access it offcampus. I.e. if someone tries to access the unproxied URL (http://institution.kanopystreaming.com) offcampus and out of your set IP range, then Kanopy will automatically redirect them to the proxy (i.e. http://ezproxy.library.institution.edu/login?url=http://institution.kanopystreaming.com).

This means that users can use the much shorter unproxied URL for the purposes of accessing and sharing the website, which has a number of benefits:

  1. It is a lot easier to remember and bookmark the shorter unproxied URL
  2. If you change your proxy or access method in the future, then all links that have been shared or embedded by users will continue to work and not break as we simply "switch out" the proxy we are directing users to from the links they are using
  3. Users will not always be forced through the proxy - i.e. in accessing the website on campus within the IP range, they will not need to go through the proxy - providing a much improved user experience



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