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How to configure Kanopy for access / authentication?


In setting up your institution's Kanopy website for access, we must ensure the security so that you know only your approved users are able to access your website and our filmmakers know their films are secure.

It is important to note that whatever authentication protocol you use will always work on all links, including links that are (1) unproxied (we automatically proxy links that are unproxied for users outside of your IP range) and (2) shared on social media, embedded or otherwise.

Public Libraries

Kanopy primarily works with API methods of authentication for public libraries (e.g. SIP/SIP2, Patron API, SirsiDynix REST Web Services, etc). This is for a number of reasons:

  1. Use of apps: An API system permits the use of apps by your patrons (e.g. Roku, iphone, android, etc apps to watch Kanopy)
  2. Improved User experience: API authentication significantly improves the user experience because we can reduce the number of times a user is required to input card details (via EZProxy, users need to always consistently sign in). We can also make your website publicly available for browsing and only require a log in for watching films (with an ezyproxy, the entire website sits behind an access wall)
  3. Increased security: With the ability to do API checks on users in the background, we can more regularly run checks on users to ensure the security of access to your website
  4. User cap & controls: We are only able to put in place individual user controls (e.g. user caps or access restrictions to certain content by particular users) with an API

In rare circumstances, we can also work with other authentication systems for public libraries such as EZProxy but this can cause limitations for patrons and libraries with respect to the use of apps etc so is an option that should only be resorted to in the absence of alternatives.

For setting up your authentication system on Kanopy, Kanopy will provide you with an "Authentication Form" for you to complete with your API access details. If you have any questions on this at all, please contact Kanopy support at support@kanopy.com.

Colleges, Universities & Schools

Kanopy works with almost all methods of authentication that a library may employ. Most typically for an academic library, this may include IP access for on-campus access and then one form of system for off-campus access (e.g. EZproxy, Shibboleth, WAM, VPN, password, barcode pattern, etc).

You can see base information on setting up for these key authentication methods below. If you have any questions on this at all, please contact Kanopy support at support@kanopy.com.

1) EZProxy set up

To set up your Kanopy website:

  1. Provide your full onsite/campus and proxy IP ranges
  2. Confirm your proxy URL format with us (e.g. This may be rewritten as http://ezproxy.library.institution.edu/login?url=)
  3. Add the following to your proxy

T Kanopy
U http://PREFIX.kanopystreaming.com
H https://PREFIX.kanopystreaming.com
D kanopystreaming.com


T Kanopy
U http://PREFIX.kanopy.com
H https://PREFIX.kanopy.com
D kanopy.com

(You will need to change the word "PREFIX" to your institution's specific website site name)

Important notes on EZProxy set up:

  • Please let us know once you have completed the proxy configuration at support@kanopy.com
  • You do NOT need to proxy the links to films and the database in your catalog, library website, embedded links or otherwise (we set up an automatic proxy redirect so any users seeking to access the unproxied links offcampus will be auto directed to the correct proxied links)
  • We strongly encourage implementing a security certificate for your proxy such that https protocol is being used in order to be able to benefit from full security and to support film embedding into your course system

2) WAM proxy set up

Note - we will only be able to configure your website for http access (as WAM is not compatible at this stage for https). To set up WAM, please:

  1. Provide your full onsite/campus and proxy IP ranges
  2. Confirm your WAM prefix (e.g. how would your WAM rewrite this URL http://institution.kanopystreaming.com)
  3. Add this line to your WAM configuration to ensure the links can be used by remote users: PREFIX.kanopystreaming.com (note - the PREFIX will be your institutional ID or acronym provided by Kanopy)

Notes on WAM set up:

  • You do NOT need to use the WAM links to films and the database for your Kanopy website in your catalog, library website or otherwise. You can use the "un-WAM'ed" base links for your Kanopy website (we set up an automatic WAM redirect so any users seeking to access the un-WAM'ed links offcampus will be auto directed to the correct WAM'ed links)

3) Shibboleth set up

  1. Authorize Kanopy to connect to your Shibboleth system
    • The person/team in charge of your Shibboleth account needs to look up Kanopy in the InCommon or UK Federation and add our Service Provider to be able to connect to your Identity Provider - (even if we are not listed on the InCommon website, our metadata is listed in their system)
    • Note: the Kanopy Entity ID is https://auth.kanopystreaming.com/sp
    • Note: in some cases, this step is not needed as you may have a rule in place allowing anyone in the InCommon federation to connect to your Identity Provider automatically
  2. Kanopy will set up your off-campus access to use Shibboleth
  3. Test the off-campus access to make sure access is working
    • If you have any issues with access at this point, please send us (1) a Shibboleth test account, so that we can replicate the issue and determine the issue and (2) the contact details of a person in charge of Shibboleth, so we can reach out to troubleshoot the issue

4) VPN set up

To set up your Kanopy website:

  1. Provide your full onsite/campus and VPN IP ranges
  2. Confirm a URL link for VPN instructions (we will direct users here if they are trying to access your website without the VPN installed) 
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