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What is the "Request Film" feature?

What is the request feature?

If you are live on Kanopy with a website for your library and search for a film or keyword, you may find some films at the bottom of search results in a "request film" section. This section appears right below the search results for films you can watch in a separate requests section so as to not interfere with the experience of users when engaging with films that are available to watch (refer image below).

If a user clicks on a "request film" they will see a page specifying that the film is not currently available to watch and a form they can fill in to request access to the film (refer image below). We set up an email on your account for automated notifications to be sent to for these requests.

If someone completes the form, your institution will receive an automated email of this request and you can handle it as appropriate - for example, (1) asking for further information on the request, (2) advising the user of the availability of the DVD in the library, (3) ordering the film and providing access to it, or otherwise (note - if you are live on PDA/PPU, you can simply elect to add the film to your website and make it go live rather than ordering it upfront for the user).

What does a request mean?

My library employs the PDA/PPU program

You will see this notification if a film is available at Kanopy (in the sense of us having the film in our collection), but it is not currently live to watch at your institution. The film may be not be live because of one of two reasons:

(1) Your institution has not yet decided to have that film available under your PDA/PPU collection profile (in which case the film will say "request now" and not be available to watch):

For example, you may have only opened up certain collections via your PDA program and this film is a film that sits in a collection that you have not yet activated. Such a request for a film outside of your PDA/PPU collections is therefore useful as you can make a decision to either (a) open up that film or a collection into which it falls on PDA/PPU or (b) add that film a-la-carte to your Kanopy website. Your library will receive automatic notifications of any such film requests so you are alerted of such inquiries. In effect, this option of having other films that you have not activated under PDA/PPU available in request mode effectively works as a useful "mediated PDA/PPU" option.

(2) It is a film that does fall into a PDA/PPU collection you have activated, but we have only recently sourced it and we are in the process of uploading it (in which case the film will be "coming soon"):

We advertise films to users that are "on the way" to know they are available and provide them with the ability to "rush order" the films - If we receive a request for a film, our product team will rush process making it go live. This feature is also useful to your library to know if a film is "on it's way" too, in case you have a need for it. Given this film falls into your PDA/PPU collection profile, we will automatically prioritize it to push it live to your website and alert you once it is. 

My library is not live on Kanopy's PDA/PPU Program

If you are not live on Kanopy's PDA/PPU program, you can still activate other films and collections to sit in the request feature on your website. This can be helpful to have your collection of films available, but also a separate tool for supporting faculty to search for resources and for soliciting inquiries for their course and teaching needs, just like a "place a resource request" feature on your library website.

Why have the feature?

For institutions ordering films a-la-carte: this feature can be useful for soliciting feedback from users for films that may be in demand (this works just like a suggestions /requests feature a library may have on their library website).

For those on the PDA/PPU program with only select collections: you can either add the collection the film falls into to your PDA program or add the film individually.

For those on the PDA/PPU program with the full database: the film is by logic one that is in the process of "being uploaded" and we will prioritize this film to go live immediately. If someone places a request for a film that is not yet live, we will rush process the upload of the film and alert you and user once it is live.

Can I turn the feature off?

Sure. Please let us know and we can turn this feature off for you.

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