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What sort of marketing does Kanopy do?

Kanopy's key marketing efforts are as follows:
1) Recruiting New Users to Kanopy
We work hard to raise awareness of the Kanopy Video Portal to professors, students, and librarians at our partner institutions. New users are introduced through library promotions or catalogs, professor outreach and student targeted marketing.
2) On-site Marketing
Our expertise centers around on-site promotion. We have millions of students and library users accessing their Kanopy platform so we target these users through discovery, referral, recommendation engines and personalization software.
We rely on users searching for videos and keywords of interest. Many of our best-selling films have low awareness among professors/students/librarians so we rely on our discovery system to encourage users to watch films of interest. Our technology uses a sophisticated algorithm that weighs different variables to match users with videos that we serve up.
3) Librarian CRM
Of course we have great relationships with the libraries and have regular outreach to our librarian customers including a monthly "New to Kanopy" newsletter.

We also host events for librarians. An example is the ALA Midwinter 2016 Filmmaker Panel you can view here.
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