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Submitting a filmmaker comment to your film

Adding a filmmaker comment promotes your film to the "Filmmakers on their Films" shelf which is a highly trafficked area of the video portal. Suppliers or rights owners can also add comments about the films they represent.

To add a comment, please include a word document as part of your file delivery for the publishing team. 


Tips for strong filmmaker comments:

We recommend a conversational tone, as though you are talking to a small group of professors/students. The more personal the better. eg "I made this film because...." OR "My hope for this film is ...." OR "I often get asked 'what happened next?'"

Filmmaker comment samples:

JenniferThe Representation Project

I made Miss Representation because we live in a society where media is the most persuasive force shaping cultural norms, and the collective message the media send to our young women and men is that a woman's value lies in her youth, beauty, and sexuality, and not in her capacity as a leader. I wanted to shed a light on this problem, because if we don't question that thinking and work to change it, we are going to continue to be marginalized.


Fallingwater is one of those buildings that every self-­respecting architect has to make a pilgrimage to. Count me as one of them. Never mind that Fallingwater requires a 90 minute drive into the countryside from the 62nd largest city in the United States. It’s hardly the kind of place you can make a side trip to on the way to somewhere else. And like all ‘destinations’ it has a reputation that precedes it. I was ready to encounter the (1) incredible, (2) audacious, and (3)marvelous house. I’ve heard things like it many times before and was usually disappointed. My standards are apparently a little higher than average.

However, when I finally made it to Fallingwater, I as stunned. It was even more than the over-­the-­top descriptions by architecture aficionados. Eighty years after it was first designed, it is still (1) impossible to believe, (2) exudes pending risk, and (3) evokes great wonder. These feelings only deepened as I had the opportunity, while filming, to experience the house through the seasons. Wright’s concept of Organic Architecture, the integration of nature and the man­made, is evident throughout the house – from the steps that descend into the stream below to the terraces that hover in the canopy of the trees. Fallingwater is an amazing work of architecture on so many levels. That’s what I hope to convey in the film because it might take some time for everyone to get there.

GabrielaBohm Productions

I decided to make Passages when I became pregnant. I wanted to unveil my family history so I could pass on its legacy to the next generation—my son. I traveled through four continents seeking out my relatives so they could take me to the places that defined their lives, places they had kept hidden from me.

I knew that going to these places might shock me, even devastate me, but I needed to know the truth—to uncover their long-harbored mysteries, myths and secrets. I wanted to understand my life journey and how the horrors my parents experienced had impacted me.

As I discovered the connections between my parents’ lives and mine—the meaning behind the choices I had made—I understood the truths that forged these connections. The stories they finally told me helped me to create my own narrative—my own truthful narrative. The narrative that, one day, I would communicate to my child.

The film is about my odyssey. It is about the process that enabled me to draw strength and wisdom from a dark past and make sense of myself as a woman, a mother, a Jew and, most recently, a new American citizen.


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