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How to Use the PDA PerformanceTool

The PDA Performance tool lists PDA plays by customer. A PDA play is defined as a play that qualifies as one of the four plays for a trigger. To qualify, a PDA play must:

  • be 30secs in length or more
  • be played by a unique visitor (ie the same person can't click play on the player 4 times - this will be counted as one PDA play)
  • be gathered within a rolling 12 month period. Each PDA play has a life of 12 months from the moment it occurs. Any PDA plays older than 12 months will not qualify as a PDA play.

For an historical list of plays (regardless if they are PDA plays or not), visit the "Daily Activity" tab under "Summary" and include the time-frame you desire.

Kanopy will invoice all university/college customers for the quarterly PDA triggers that have accumulated. Invoicing takes place a few days before the close of the quarter so you will see the PDA triggers disappearing from this report as we invoice. At the close of the quarter, the report will indicate zero triggers. All triggered films will appear on your quarterly royalty report send 1-2 weeks after the close of the quarter.

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