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Kanopy Analytics Introduction

Kanopy provides powerful analytics tools via our administrative dashboard, which includes useful tools for:

  • Running performance reports on usage and engagement
  • Better understanding who and where your audience is
  • Designing relevant and tactical marketing campaigns

On your administrative dashboard analytics page, you will notice a number of different tabs that provide various pieces of information to help with different reports and analytics. The main tab is the "Usage" tab which provides various reports detailing user behavior. You'll also find the "PDA Tracker Tool" tab here where you can track PDA triggers.

The top reports most heavily used by filmmakers are all easily accessed on the "Summary" page (under the "Usage" tab):

  • The daily usage report - showing overall usage over time which gives you an overview of your performance on Kanopy
  • The "Top 10 Videos" chart: Click on this chart will show you the full list of your videos, rated by number of plays. If you click on any video in this chart, you will see detailed viewing statistics for the individual video.
  • The "Top 10 Customers" chart: Clicking on this chart will show you the full list of your customers, rated by number of plays. If you click through on a customer name, you will see how your videos are performing for each individual customer.
  • PDA Tracker Tool displays gives you live feedback on how your collection is performing on PDA for the quarter. It details where your films have triggered and other information to assist you in your marketing efforts. 
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