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How to best monitor usage under the PDA program?

There are a number of reports that libraries most typically and heavily rely on for managing and monitoring their PDA program. These include:

1) PDA Performance report:

This is located under the Analytics usage reports and provides a snapshot of the current status of your PDA program for the Quarter. I.e. of all the films that are currently in the PDA pool (not triggered), which have been watched and how many "PDA plays" are they sitting on and which have triggered this Quarter and are "to be invoiced". You can see more on this report in the article here.

This report helps answer "What is the current status of my PDA program?", and also helps with forecasting future use and triggering.

2) Current Licenses:

For a list of films that have previously triggered and been processed/invoiced, you can get a list of these on your "Licenses" tab.

Please note: the plays recorded against a license on your Licenses tab will only record those plays on a film that have occurred since the film was invoiced - it will not include any plays that took place on the film before it was invoiced. For example, if you have a film that is in your PDA program that gets watched 40 times and triggers and we then invoice it to your library, the film will record 0 plays on it on the "Licenses" tab if all of those plays on the film happened prior to the invoicing of the title. If you want the full picture of the plays that took place on the film, you can get this on your "Videos" report.

This report helps answer "What films do I currently have licensed?" and helps to know what films you have paid for. You can also get a summary of historical triggered films by Quarter on your "Order Status" tab, providing a record of all PDA trigger reports/invoices.

3) Videos report:

This report on your Analytics tab provides a detailed breakdown of usage on every film with the ability to click on any film and get a very detailed analysis breakdown of that usage. You can see more information on this report here.

This report helps answer "What is the total usage I have seen on my website and how many films have been accessed?"


With these reports, your library can run performance reports as well as detailed analyses, such as ROI analysis (see ROI article).

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