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Analytics - Key Definitions

There are a number of key terms to understanding your analytics. In terms of the usage analytics, there are 4 key metrics:

  • Visits: the number of "unique" visits or sessions to your website. A visit is created every time someone unique hits the website (based on a unique browser) - if that same person is to re-visit the website from the same browser, it will not count a second visit if the person has not "closed" the website (i.e. they have left the website open on their computer) or they did close the website but are returning to revisit the website on the same day as the original visit - in these scenarios, only 1 visit will be logged
  • Pages: the number of times a film page was visited or accessed. If someone clicks on a film and looks at the film website page, this will log 1 page (even if the film was not actually played)
  • Plays: the number of times a film has been played. Someone has to physically press the play button on a film to log a play (note that a "play" on the analytics will log any play on a film. Under the PDA program, there are definitional thresholds as to what constitutes a "PDA play")
  • Minutes: the number of minutes of footage watched after pressing play

These 4 metrics provide the 4 layers of interactivity on your website - how many people visited your website, how many films did they access and browse, how many films did they watch and how many minutes did they watch for.

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