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How to: Request closed captions

Kanopy provides captions (subtitles) and transcripts for all films. Sometimes, due to the timing of a film going live or otherwise, you may stumble across a film that does not yet have captions live. This will be clear to you as the "CC" button for captions will have a strike through it.

Do not despair - if you see this, please hover over the caption button and you can place a rush captions request for the film. This will be picked up and immediately prioritized by our team and you will shortly be notified once the captions are live. For further detail on this process, refer to these steps:

Step 1)

To request closed captions for a video, please visit the video page of the chosen film on your Kanopy platform, and hover over the slashed CC icon located next to the title.


Step 2)

When hovering over the CC icon the message "Click here to prioritize this video in our captioning queue" will appear. Click on this to be directed to the caption request form.

Step 3)

Fill out all fields on the caption request form, including your reason for requesting and any time requirements, then press send. captionsrequest2.JPG


You will be notified by email once the captions are available to view. Alternatively you can email caption requests directly to info@kanopystreaming.com



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