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How to introduce and promote Kanopy to your Library?


This article provides some suggestions on ways to introduce and promote Kanopy to your library, as well as some helpful promotional resources.

As a starting point, we have a broad selection of marketing images and materials that you are free to use and edit for your patron marketing initiatives.

Launching Kanopy in a 3 Simple Steps

  1. Post a News Release
  2. Profile Kanopy on Your Library Website
  3. Send out a Community Announcement

Additional Measures

Additional Reading: What are the most effective ways I can promote?

There are a number of initiatives you can employ in your library to promote Kanopy to your patrons. There was a great presentation by UMass-Amherst and Simmons colleges at ALA 2015 - called "Putting your Patrons in the Driver's Seat" - where they presented on the success of various promotional initiatives they ran through their academic libraries, which provides some insights.

They found that the most effective initiatives (in order) were (1) library website posts; (2) user emails and (3) libguide posts. Social media was also effective at reaching a "new" audience otherwise not reached by other methods, but had less impact in terms of the volume of people reached.


The above graph is from their presentation where they list out the various initiatives they ran and how effective they were (based on tracked links data):

  • Sessions = how many people hit the resource from this initiative
  • % New = what % of these people were completely new to the website (had not been before)
  • % Bounce Rate = what % of these people left the website after their first click on it (I.e. did not then browse around)
  • Pages / Session = average number of clicks by the people when on the website
  • Duration = how long on average people arriving from this method spent on the website

In effect, "sessions" is important to identify in terms of how effective the method was in reaching the most number of people; "% new" is important in terms of how effective the method was in reaching new people (not those who had already been to the resource); and the latter 3 metrics are good indicators of how effective the method was in reaching people who then got the most value from the resource (stayed the longest and clicked around).


Kanopy can also work with you to create a specially designed image that will link to your institution's video website.

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