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How does Kanopy sell films to colleges and universities?

Institutions can license Kanopy videos in two ways:

1) Upfront Licenses

Institutions can purchase a 1 or a 3 year license to any video advertised on Kanopy's webshop: www.kanopystreaming.com

Once the license period expires, access is switched off unless the institution renews for another 1 or 3 years.

2) Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)

An institution can sign up for PDA, and the entire faculty, staff and student body has access to all Kanopy films. 

A one-year license is triggered for any film once the film has been viewed 4 times in a 1 year period. A view is defined as 30secs or more. The 4th view automatically triggers a one-year license at the standard Kanopy rate of US$150 or AUD$250.

PDA is attractive to institutions because it offers a good return on investment. Institutions only get charged for films that are actually viewed. 

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