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What do I get if I order a Kanopy film?

If you order a Kanopy film, you will get a number of things with your order covered in this section. For how to order a film, refer to the article here: 

What do I get with my Kanopy film order?

1) A superior user experience with the film

We will provide you with a link to the film on a dedicated access website for your institution. This website can be set up for simple password access or any other authentication methods your institution may use (IP, proxy, library barcode, etc).

Kanopy works just like Netflix - but you can have unlimited users stream a single film at any given time during the duration you have ordered it for. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection (no hardware or downloads). Videos can also be played on all tablet, mobile, computer or gaming devices anywhere, anytime. For more technical information, see here.

Here is an example of what an institution's website looks like with 2 films made available:

2) Great user features

The website and your film will have a number of great features - captions, transcripts, share buttons, embed codes, clip/playlist creation tools, watchlist tools, etc so you can truly maximize your use of the film.

3) Powerful administrative tools

We provide the following for free with all films that you order:

  • Marc records
  • Full ADA compliance (see our Accessibility statement here)
  • Dedicated Admin Dashboard to manage your licenses, download marc records, and analyze usage statistics
  • Detailed usage statistics with 30 different reports to have insight into usage and user feedback
  • Automated notifications for film renewals

Here is an example of the Admin Dashboard and the tools you can find there:

How do I order and pay?

You can order any film online through the Kanopy webshop. You can see more on how to place orders for Kanopy products here.


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