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Off-campus access issues

Sometimes errors can happen with the off- campus authentication and you may see a Kanopy error page after signing in through your proxy. To most effectively resolve the issue:

  1. Check your IP ranges: We may not have your full list of IP ranges on file, particularly the IP(s) that your proxy/WAM system is using. This will typically be the issue if you see a Kanopy error page after signing in with your user ID.
  2. Check your proxy configuration: Your proxy may not be configured properly. This will often be the issue if you see a non-Kanopy error page. We advise using the following configuration for proxy. You will need to change the word "PREFIX" to your institution ID or acronym provided by Kanopy:

    T Kanopy
    U http://PREFIX.kanopystreaming.com
    H https://PREFIX.kanopystreaming.com
    D kanopystreaming.com


    T Kanopy
    U http://PREFIX.kanopy.com
    H https://PREFIX.kanopy.com
    D kanopy.com

  3. Check if HTTPS may be the issue: We offer the ability for your Kanopy website to be HTTPS enabled (as opposed to HTTP). HTTPS is always advised to be able to more effectively support film embedding and other features. Sometimes, if your proxy URL wrap is only HTTP (and does not have a SSL certificate associated with it to permit it to be HTTPS) AND your Kanopy website is set up for HTTPS, this may cause some problems (as the HTTP proxy cannot properly interact with the HTTPS Kanopy website). If this is the issue, we can switch your website to be HTTP only OR you can convert your proxy URL wrap to support HTTPS by getting an SSL certificate.
  4. Check if you have a campus firewall: Sometimes access may be affected by campus firewalls which block access to your Kanopy website. Firewalls are sometimes put in place by campus IT teams to block or limit access to certain internet resources. This will often be the issue if you cannot access the website while on campus, even without the proxy involved 
  5. Raise a Kanopy support ticket: If the above does not solve your issue, you can raise a support ticket with Kanopy by emailing  support@kanopy.com. The following information, in order of priority will be very helpful with us in solving this for you as quickly as possible:
    • Test proxy log in: if we can have a test log in, our tech team can run tests here and diagnose the issue immediately. This is the quickest and best route for resolution
    • Screenshot: please send us a screenshot of the issue page you see. Please ensure that we can see the full URL in the browser field and/or list this in your email
    • Technical contact: please provide the contact information of someone in your technical team who would be able to work with our IT team and run some proxy tests
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