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What is my admin dashboard and how do I access it?

What is the Admin Dashboard?

Kanopy provides every library and institution an administrative dashboard to access all the information and tools they need to manage their Kanopy website. The dashboard includes a number of tabs:

  • Analytics: provides over 30 detailed reports of live usage and engagement (e.g. usage by film and subject, top search terms, engagement actions of users, etc). For thorough information on how to use the analytics, refer to the analytics section (link)
  • Marc Records: provides a sophisticated download tool for exporting marcs related to the films accessible by the library (note the marc records are also located individually on the Licenses Tab)
  • Packages: provides an overview of the patron driven program of the library (PDA or pay per play) - both a list of the collections activated under the library's profile as well as a summary performance report
  • Licenses: lists information of all of the films your library has purchased access for. There are 3 categories of titles - (1) Licensed upfront (films you have licensed access for manually), (2) PDA (films triggered via your patron PDA program), or (3) Hosted (films that your library owns outright/have purchased from Kanopy that are hosted on your Kanopy website)
  • Invoices: provides a record of all invoices and orders placed historically, and downloadable by PDF

... and more

How do I access the dashboard?

To access your dashboard:

Step 1: Go to www.kanopystreaming.com (or your Kanopy website)

Step 2: Select sign in top right

Note - if signing in on your Kanopy website (not the public webshop), you will need to select the "Or sign in with your email/username" option (below the sign up options).

Step 3: Input your Admin username and password

Note - If you do not have your library administrative dashboard credentials, please contact us and we will provide these.


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