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What is Kanopy's position on "accessibility"?

Kanopy is fully committed to making our own websites usable by all people, whatever their abilities or disabilities. Our filmmakers share important stories and messages in their films and our mission is to broadcast these as broadly as possible. There are some important aspects to our accessibility commitments:

Kanopy’s Video Player

We have made sure our video players are accessible for vision and hearing impaired users. We continue to improve the accessibility of the player and recently launched a new generation player that offers an even smoother and more user-friendly experience when played using screen reader technologies like JAWS. This new gen player has been tested in a number of leading Disability Institutes and is now being rolled out globally.

For those not familiar with screen reader technology, this enables users to use the keyboard, rather than the mouse, to control the video player and the experience. Users can move from component to component in the player using the tab key. The screen reader either reads the component's text aloud or announces the component name. The user can control the component using the space bar or the arrow keys. Our new gen player will allow users to tab into the player from elsewhere on the web page or browser. 

For more information on our tools for hearing impaired users such as captions, please refer to the article on this here. For more information on our tools and features for visually impaired users, please refer to the article here.

Assistive Technologies

We have developed our own website to be usable without third party applications, but you may find you will increase the accessibility by customizing your computer to your needs either through installing assistive technologies, using browser or operating system accessibility features, or accessibility tools provided on the websites itself.

Voluntary Product Assessment Template (VPAT)

Kanopy has also provided an online VPAT statement that you can download here. 

Improvements & Feedback

We are pleased to launch our new gen player which includes the leading accesibility technologies. We are constantly reviewing and improving our websites and would welcome your feedback or suggestions. Please contact us with any suggestions. You may find this website useful in defining your feedback.

We will continue to keep this page updated as we continue to enhance our technologies.

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