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What are the characteristics of Kanopy’s records?

Kanopy provides all marc records for all films upfront and for free to libraries, no matter what method of access they are employing for the films (whether a library orders a specific film, collection or employs Kanopy's PDA, PPU, or other models).

The following provides some of the high level information on the marcs:

UTF Format: Our records are in UTF format (not Marc 8). This is because we provide certain customizations for libraries when they download their records (e.g. the URL 856 field is curated to capture their website and proxy information) that necessitate UTF formatting.

RDA Format: The marcs are all RDA formatted.

Design: The overarching design of our records was agreed upon by a committee in 2012 that involved a leading marc record consulting company and two US colleges, setting the features for the records based best practices for streaming video marc record design at the time.

Ongoing Fixes/Enhancements: Kanopy accepts any feedback on errors or enhancements from libraries and will typically be able to execute those fixes within 24-48 hours for the simpler fixes. If we update or fix records, these will also be profiled for you for export on your downloader tool.


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