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What assets do I need to send Kanopy?

Delivering Assets to Kanopy: We place the highest value in our user experience, thus, high-quality deliverables are essential for success on our platform. We require the following assets (see below for further details):

1) Video files
2) Key Art/Stills
3) Metadata (including tags/keywords and ratings if mature content)
4) English-language closed captions and subtitles 
5) Bonus videos/materials (optional)

1) Video Files Specifications

  • List of Acceptable Video Codecs:
    • AVI
    • MKV
    • MP4
    • FLV
    • MPEG
    • MOV
    • TS
    • M2TS
    • WMV
    • WebM
  • List of Acceptable Audio Codecs:
    • PCM
    • AAC
    • AC-3
    • MP3
    • MP2
    • WMA
  • Resolution: Your highest resolution possible (e.g. 1920 x 1080). 
  • Blu-ray: While digital files are preferable, we accept Blu-rays. We no longer accept DVDs. If you have a Blu-ray to send, please have them shipped to the attention of “Product Team." (Please note: we cannot return Blu-rays.)
  • Non-English Content: We prefer to receive a "textless" video file without burnt-in/imbedded subtitles and then the subtitle files separately (see "Closed Captions and Subtitles" section below). However, we can accept files with burnt-in/imbedded subtitles.
  • Bars/Tones/Slate/Header: Please send video files without bars/tones/slate or other types of headers. Video files should start at first frame.


  • We will provide instructions for you to upload video files.


  • Please do not zip or compress video files. 

External Drives: We can accept files on an external hard drive however cannot accept responsibility for returning drives.

2) Key Art/Stills Specifications

Key art and/or still photos are very important for successful performance on Kanopy.

  • Please deliver key art in Poster (vertical) and Landscape (horizontal) format.
    • Poster (vertical) art should be 1544 x 2180 pixels and 300 dpi.
    • Landscape (horizontal) art must be 1920 x 1080 pixels and 72 dpi.
    • Preferred image formats: .jpg or .png.
  • If key art is unavailable, please supply 3 high-quality still photos in horizontal format, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 72 dpi.

Examples of Effective Landscape (Horizontal) Key Art:

I-Am-Not-Your-Negro.jpgEast-Side-Sushi.jpgAt-the-Fork.jpgTokyo-Fiancee.jpg We-Were-Here.jpgStarving-the-Beast.jpg

Examples of Effective Poster (Vertical) Key Art:

04_TheRedPill_27x40_poster2.jpg Balcony.jpg battle-of-algiers.jpg


  • We will provide instructions for you to upload video files.
  • Filename Convention: TITLE_TYPE_RESOLUTION.



3) Metadata

Complete and comprehensive metadata is crucial. Please fill out the metadata spreadsheet and submit to your publishing team contact: [Kanopy-metadata-template.xls]


  • Please provide any and all keywords that describe the film(s) to assist with classification and discovery that do not already appear in the synopsis or title.
  • Please limit the number of tags to 20 terms. You can provide these on the metadata sheet or via email.

Mature Content

  • If your film(s) contains mature or potentially offensive content, please notify us in writing.

4) Closed Captions and Subtitles

Closed Captions for English programs (and for English sections of foreign language programs) are mandatory. For more information on why captions are important, click here.

English subtitles are required for non-English content. We prefer to receive English subtitles as separate files rather than burnt-in/imbedded into the video file. However, we do accept video files with burnt-in/imbedded subtitles.


  • We accept most text-based captions but prefer .srt, .scc, .dfxp, and .ttml formats.


  • Please send files via email, as an attachment.
  • Filename Convention: TITLE_TYPE


For more information on captions, please visit the Closed Captions/Subtitles Help Section.

5) Bonus videos/materials (optional)

Study/Activity Guides: We can host guides on the video page as downloadable .PDF links for our users. We do not charge institutions for access to these guides.


  • We gladly host bonus videos/materials. These must be submitted with the original feature and with separate metadata. Please liaise with us before submitting video extras.


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