What assets do I need to send Kanopy?

For optimal user experience, we require the following high-quality assets. Please deliver all assets as outlined below simultaneously.

1) Video files
2) Key Art
3) Metadata
4) English-language closed captions and subtitles

1) Video Files

  • Delivery: We provide instructions via email to upload video files to a dedicated folder on our SFTP. We also offer delivery via Aspera for select partners. We do not accept download links.
  • File Naming:
    Example: KUMIKIO_MOV_1080_ENGLISH
  • List of Acceptable Video Codecs: H264 or ProRes saved as .MOV or .MP4
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080. Do not zip or compress video files. We require the highest quality available version available.
  • Bitrate: For H264 files a 20 MBPS minimum bitrate is required. Constant Bit Rate (CBR) or Variable Bit Rate (VBR) accepted.
  • Scanning Method: Progressive
  • Framerate: Native Framerate will assure the highest quality. Recommended framerates: 23.97, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 47.94, 48, 50, 59.94, 60.
  • Audio: Stereo or 5.1. are both accepted, though 5.1 is preferred. We don’t accept separate audio files, they must imbedded into the video file.
  • Bars/Tones/Slate/Header: Video files should be delivered without bars/tones/slate or other types of headers. Video files must start at first frame of film.
  • Blu-ray: While digital files are preferable in limited circumstances we can accept accept Blu-rays (not standard DVDs). If we have indicated that we’ll accept a Blu-ray, please have them shipped to the attention of “Publishing Team." No anti-piracy measures. Please note: we do not return Blu-rays.
  • External Drives: We can accept files on an external hard drive however we do not return the drives.
  • Non-English Content: We prefer to receive an international version (without burnt-in/embedded subtitles) along with a separate subtitle file (see "Closed Captions and Subtitles" section below). In some instances, we can also accept files with burnt-in/embedded subtitles for non-English dialogue but this will require prior approval.

2) Key Art/Stills Specifications
A mandatory deliverable is key art delivered in Landscape (horizontal) and Portrait (vertical) format.

  • Delivery: Please provide images via email to your publishing contact or to the SFTP.
  • Naming:
    Filename Convention: TITLE_TYPE_RESOLUTION.
    Example: KUMIKO_PORTRAIT_2180
  • Notes:
    • Portrait (vertical) art must be 1544 x 2180 pixels and 300 dpi.
    • Landscape (horizontal) art must be 1920 x 1080 pixels and 72 dpi.
    • Image format: .jpg (or .psd)
    • Should be colorful and convey the subject of the film
    • We do not accept stills in place of key art
    • Festival laurels (especially from well known festivals) are mandatory if available
    • Art should be effective on both large and small screens

Examples of effective Landscape (Horizontal) Key Art:
Examples of effective Portrait (Vertical) Key Art:

3) Metadata
Complete and comprehensive metadata is crucial. Please fill out the metadata spreadsheet and email to your publishing contact. The metadata sheet can also be uploaded to our SFTP along with other assets.

Guidelines for filling out each column can be found on the definitions tab of the spreadsheet. We encourage you to review this very carefully and eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors.

Please include as many titles as possible on one spreadsheet.

  • Tags/Keywords
    In the tags columns please provide any and all keywords that describe the film(s) to assist with classification and discovery that do not already appear in the synopsis or title.
    Limit the number of tags to 10 terms.
  • Mature Content
    If your film(s) contains mature or potentially offensive content, this must be specified in the metadata under the comments section. 

4) Closed Captions and Subtitles
Closed Captions for English programs (and for English sections of foreign language programs) are mandatory. We do not accept any content without captions at delivery. We do not accept transcripts in place of a caption file. Contact us for a referral to a caption creation service if required. For more information on why captions are important, click here.

English subtitles are required for non-English dialogue and/or narration. We require English subtitles to be delivered as separate files rather than burnt-in/embedded into the video file. If you are only able to deliver video files with burnt-in/embedded subtitles, please advise publishing prior to delivery to confirm if we will accept this.

If if you have a subtitle file in a language other than English, please supply that as well.

  • List of acceptable captions/ subtitles: .srt, or .scc
  • Closed captions and subtitles delivery:
    Please send files to our SFTP
    File naming convention: TITLE_TYPE
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