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How to request a film not yet on Kanopy ("Search & Find")?

What is the Search Service?

Kanopy's "Search & Find" is a free service for higher education institutions that have a demand for a video that they cannot locate on Kanopy.

How to submit a search request?

Simply email search@kanopy.com with as much information about the film you can (distributor information, IMBD links etc). 

How does the Search process work?

You will be immediately notified that your search request has been received with an automatic email.

The search team will track down the rights-holder and negotiate for rights. We typically ask for 2-3 weeks to process a Search & Find request, although in some instances, we are able to process the request sooner. The timeframe is largely out of our hands and depends very much on the responsiveness of the rights owner. In cases where the rights-owner is not responsive, we will close the request after three weeks from receipt of it.

We will aim to provide ongoing updates as we progress the search request, and you can always email the search team directly for an immediate update.

Kanopy cannot commit that all requested titles will be added to our platform as in some instances, we are not able to justify the effort involved to source a film if we do not believe it will have a broad enough appeal.

What happens if you source the film?

We do not charge for the this service although if available, we do encourage you to purchase an upfront license for any titles that are successful in acquiring in a timely manner.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing search@kanopy.com.

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