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Can Kanopy host films we own?


Kanopy can host films that your library or institution owns the streaming rights to. It is a fairly straight-forward solution - you provide us with the video files for your films and we push them live to your Kanopy streaming website where they can be watched just like any other films you license from us. If you need any protections on film access (e.g. so that it can only be accessed by a certain class / not be accessed across the whole campus), we can put these in place.

Benefits and Features

Kanopy's hosting service is not just a media management solution (where you upload films and are given embed codes) - it comes with the user website too so that your patrons can enjoy the films online as they might do on other consumer streaming websites. Our service includes a number of great features:

  • Powerful video features: clip- and playlist-creation, embed button, transcripts, captions, and other user engagement tools
  • User access controls: You can control and restrict access to particular films across your campus
  • Website access: you can publish your films to your library's Kanopy website so that patrons can access the films online along with all of your other Kanopy films, linked from your library website and catalog
  • Admin Dashboard: You can easily manage all of your hosted films from your admin dashboard and analyze and export live usage statistics
  • Dedicated support: A personal account manager as well as 24/7 customer support

What is the cost?

Kanopy's hosting solution is incredibly flexible - you can upload just one film for a nominal cost or you can set up a larger package of films. Contact us for pricing information.

What are the next steps?

All you need to do is share with us the video files for your films and the rest is taken care of! In terms of next steps if you are interested in this service:

STEP 1Please contact us to learn more about pricing and for instructions

STEP 2: We will provide you with a SFTP (file transfer location) to send your video files to us for upload (contact Kanopy for updated file specifications)

STEP 3: We push your films live and get back to you with the links.

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