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Kanopy Analytics Introduction


Kanopy provides very powerful analytics tools to libraries and institutions via their administrative dashboard. These tools are very useful for:

  • Running performance reports on usage and engagement
  • Sharing with liaison librarians to support outreach efforts
  • Calculating ROI and assessing financial performance

On your administrative dashboard you will notice a number of different tabs that provide various pieces of information to help with different reports and analytics. The main tab is the "Analytics" tab which provides various, very detailed user behavior reports. You'll also find the "PDA Packages" tab here (for PDA specific reports) as well as the "Licenses" tab for quick and specific insights into the usage on current collection and video licenses/purchases.

Here is a snapshot example of a Library's Kanopy Analytics dashboard:


The top reports most heavily used by libraries are:

  • The daily usage report - showing overall usage over time
  • The engagement summary report - showing the highlights of user engagement (top comments, top rated films, etc)
  • PDA performance report - to calculate the performance of the PDA program to date and forecast future use

The Dashboard tabs

There are three main tabs for generating your analytics and performance reports on your admin dashboard:

1) The Analytics tab

This is the primary and most useful place to get your usage, audience and engagement analytics for reporting purposes. Usage analytics answer the question "what films are being used and how much?"; audience analytics answer the question of "who is using the films and how?"; engagement analytics answer the question "how are users engaging with the films?".

The reports are very broad and thorough and you can explore the visualization tools, run different time periods and export reports to excel. We also provide reports in COUNTER compliance format on request too - generally speaking, the "suppliers" report under the usage reports is a COUNTER compliant report, although Kanopy's analytics go much further than COUNTER standards.

2) The PDA tab

The PDA tab will provide you a good summary of:

  • The performance of the current Quarter - the 3 grey boxes at the top will provide a snapshot of the performance of your PDA program this quarter and the last box in particular is useful as it highlights which films have triggered in the quarter in question.
  • The performance of your various PDA packages - you can select any of the producer or subject collections from the lists to explore the films in each collection and see how they are performing including use by film and which, if any, have triggered.

There is also a report on your Analytics tab providing the PDA plays by film which can be used in conjunction with these reports to get the full picture of the performance of your PDA program.

3) The Licenses tab

The Licenses tab will provide a list of all films and collections you currently have licensed to your website including information on those licenses as well as the statistics of usage since the product was licensed. 

It is important to note that if you are on the PDA program, the licenses tab will not clock the usage that happened on a film before it was licensed (whilst it was on PDA). If you want to get the full picture for your PDA program and how it is performing in terms of usage, you will need to rely on the Analytics tab statistics. The Licenses tab and the usage statistics recorded there will not be helpful in conducting your overall usage analysis.

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