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How to enable fullscreen mode if it is disabled?

If you have trouble using the fullscreen feature, here are some tips:

Check your browser's permissions

If the fullscreen button appears, but isn't responsive, you may have disabled fullscreen permissions on your browser. Please check your browser's settings and permissions to make sure fullscreen is available.

On Firefox

Try the following steps:

  • In the location bar (where you enter URLs), type "about:permissions" and hit enter.
  • Under "All sites", look at the permissions for sites you may have used fullscreen on, like kanopystreaming.com
  • You'll see a Fullscreen setting. Select "Always ask" or "Allow" to allow Kanopy to go fullscreen on these sites.
  • Try using fullscreen on Kanopy again.

On Chrome

You can set your browser permissions following the website permission instructions.

Check your browser add-ons and extensions

Certain browser add-ons and extensions may disable fullscreen mode. Please check your add-ons and extensions and change your settings as needed.

Other reasons why fullscreen is disabled

Fullscreen may also be disabled in the following cases:

  • Your browser may not support fullscreen.
  • The website who has embedded the Kanopy player has disabled fullscreen.
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