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How to use captions and transcripts?

Using Captions

Most films have interactive captions, indicated by a "CC" button on the film. The captions can be launched for a video by clicking the captions button that appears on the video player console (at the bottom of the film) once it has started playing.


If users are viewing on a desktop or Android device, the appearance of the captions can be changed by clicking on "Captions Settings" on the CC button menu. Users will see an overlay that allows the following caption properties to be set:

  • Foreground color and opacity
  • Background color and opacity
  • Window color and opacity
  • Font size
  • Text edge style
  • Font family

Using Transcripts

An interactive transcript can be launched by clicking on the "Transcript" button in the panel underneath the video player. This will appear once the video starts playing.


The interactive transcript can be launched simultaneously or independently of the captions. Upon launching the transcript, the matching words in the transcript are underlined or highlighted so that you can track them as the film is being played. Users can search the transcript (using a simple keyboard find search) and navigate by clicking on any word in the transcript to jump to the corresponding time-code in the video where the words are being spoken.

Films missing captions

A small subset of films may not yet have the captions published on them yet in which case you can simply place a "captions request."

For these films, you will see a button to the right of the film title with a "CC" struck through:

Simply click on this to place a captions request:


We will rush process the captions within 48 hours and notify you once the captions are live.


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