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I cannot access the film website


Your website is protected by an authentication system that has been set up by your institution. Typically, if you are at an educational institution or library, your website will have been set up for IP access on-site (which means you can immediately access the website when on your campus/library network) and for student/staff/library user ID log in for off-site access (so that you will be prompted to put in your user ID if you are trying to access the website from an off-site location.

These security protections (IP and user ID) are set for the website no matter how you share the films - whether it be the link or by embedding a film. So for example, if you embed a film link in your learning management system (such as Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, etc), this may require students to log in with their student ID before being able to press play and watch the film.

What to do?

If you cannot access your film website, this may be due to a couple of reasons:

  • You have the wrong website URL - this might be happening if you are seeing a general browser error page. You can check you have the correct website by searching for your institution here.
  • There is an error with your website set up - this might be happening if you are logging in with your student/staff/library ID and see an "error" or "oops" page. Please follow these Report an Issue instructions.
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