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FAQ for Mobile or Tablet Apps

What are the system requirements for Kanopy Mobile Apps?

- Apple iOS 9, or higher
- Google Android 4.2, or higher

How can I reduce my cellular data consumption?

Depending on the type of mobile data plan you have, you may want to reduce your data consumption when you are not connected to the internet via WiFi. For this, there are two options accessible in the Settings screen, which is accessible by tapping the Image result for hamburger menu icon icon in the top left corner and then on Settings.

Cellular Data

Moving the slider to the Off position turns off video streaming altogether when you're connected to the internet through your mobile data plan, but not via WiFi.

Video Quality

When Auto is selected, the Kanopy app will play the video at the highest quality possible, which is determined by the speed of your internet connection and the technical specifications of your smartphone or tablet

When Basic is selected, the Kanopy app will throttle its connection and reduce the quality of the video, thereby saving your bandwidth.

How do I enable Closed Captions / Subtitles?

If you want captions turned on by default in all videos you watch (subject to caption availability), tap the Image result for hamburger menu icon icon in the top left corner to open the side menu and then on Settings. Slide the Closed Captions slider to on.

If you only want to enable captions on a case-by-case basis, while playing the video, tap the screen to make the player options visible, tap on the  in the top right corner. In the resulting dialog box, select from the available caption languages and tap the X in the top right to return to the video. If the button is gray and inactive, there are no captions available for that video.

How do I resume playback?

If you exit a video, the next time you access it--regardless of on what device or platform--you will be prompted whether you want to resume playback where you left off, or restart it from the beginning



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