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What do I need in order for Kanopy to host one of our films?

1.) Encoding DVD into a Single Video File

Please encode the DVD via video encoder such as Handbrake. There are many free appications and software online that is downloadable and will allow you to encode your DVD into a video file. If you are having issues with encoding, there are many guides on how to encode online such as this one: http://lifehacker.com/how-to-rip-a-dvd-to-your-computer-5809765


2.) Upload the Video File

Once you have encoded the DVD, you will get one video file. Please upload that video file to our SFTP. We will provide you with specific login information for this.

Our video requirements are listed below:

  • Below 3GB in file size
  • Codec/Type: H264 or MOV, MP4, M4V.

If you haven’t uploaded to an SFTP before, you will need an FTP Client Program, such as FileZilla which you can download from http://filezilla-project.org/ With this program you should be able to connect to our SFTP using the login details provided above. You can then just drag and drop files as required (in Filezilla, your files / server will appear on the left of the screen, and your folder in our SFTP will appear on the right). Please ensure all files are clearly named with the title of the film.


3.) Fill Out, Send Back Metadata, and Notify Us

Lastly, we require a metadata form with all the necessary information of the film so that our team can publish the film with all the necessary information to our website. This can be downloaded at the very bottom of this page. Once filled out, please send it back to us and have the video file uploaded to your SFTP. If you have captions, feel free to email them to us.

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