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User Dashboard features

On your Dashboard, you will be able to manage your personal profile details, Watchlist, recently watched films, comments, and more. To get started, select “My Dashboard” from the user dropdown at the top right while signed into the Kanopy website.

My Dashboard
Your Dashboard will show you an overview of the features available through your Kanopy account. Click on any of the headings across the top to find more information about the feature.

My Watchlist
This section will display the films that you have added to your Watchlist. You will be able to view a snippet of the description, as well as options to watch the film, generate a share/embed link, or remove the title from your list.

More information on how to add films to your Watchlist can be found here.

Viewing History
You can view all films that you have viewed, both complete and incomplete, in your Viewing History.

Films that are still active (able to be played without using another play credit) will appear with a green “Continue watching” button. Those that are no longer active will appear with an orange “Watch it again” button.

My Comments
You can find an overview of comments you have left on films in this section.

My Playlists
You can use this section to easily access and edit all playlists you have created with your account.

More information on how to create playlists can be found here.

My Memberships
You will be able to manage your library memberships in this section.

A complete rundown on how to manage your memberships can be found here.

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