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What are the benefits of my user profile?

There are a number of benefits to having your user profile set up on Kanopy. You can see information on how to create your user profile here.

This article walks through some of the key features and benefits of your user profile and user dashboard.

Key benefits of your User Profile

Some of the key benefits of setting up are your personal user profile are:

  • App use: A profile allows you to use Kanopy on device apps such as Roku, IOS, Android, etc
  • Power User Features: You can make use of the "power user" features on Kanopy such as clip and playlist making and watchlist creation tools, etc
  • Tailored content experience: With your profile, we can ensure to curate your experience on Kanopy to be much more personalized (i.e. we can ensure to tailor the website to be more geared to the films you are interested in based on what you have watched previously)
  • Disability controls: you can set disability controls via your user settings (for example, you can set your profile to permanently show films with the captions on)
  • Moving between libraries: users often move between libraries (e.g. someone moves location or moves between colleges). With your profile, you can simply log into Kanopy at your new library and carry with you all of your settings, playlists, watchlists, etc
  • Customer support: your profile allows us to more easily and quickly handle your customer support inquiries, because we can rapidly match your inquiries to your user profile to diagnose issues
  • Manage multiple libraries: some users have access to Kanopy via multiple libraries (for example, if they work at multiple colleges). You can easily add multiple libraries to your "memberships" on your settings and thereby profile all films you have access to
  • User Dashboard: You get a beautiful user dashboard to manage your settings and access lots of great features (see below)


Features on the User Profile Dashboard

Every user that signs up at Kanopy has their personal user dashboard. The key features of the user dashboard are:

  • My Watchlist: You can create watchlists of your favorite films - and share these or store them for later reference
  • Recently Viewed: You maintain a log of your viewing history - for your reference and for finding other like film suggestions.
  • My Comments: You can keep a record of comments you have posted on films and see who may have responded or also commented on those films
  • My Playlists: You can edit films (e.g. create clips and playlists) - and share these or store them for later reference. These will be stored for you on this tab
  • My Memberships: You can add your library and institution memberships here to have the links to the resources you have available at different libraries
  • ... and many other great features!


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