Accessing the film website

There are a couple of reasons why the film site may not be accessible:

The incorrect website is being used
The easiest way to see this difference is to take a look at the URL of the page you are accessing. The public site will begin, while a library’s Kanopy site will have a prefix before the domain (e.g.

To get to your library’s Kanopy site, go to your Memberships page (located in the dropdown menu below your username at the top right) and select the name of your library. This will redirect you to their page where you will be able to view films.


If you only have one library membership (or prefer to use one over the other), you may wish to save your library’s Kanopy URL to streamline access to the page in the future. You will be able to access the Memberships page from any Kanopy site you are using.

An authentication error is blocking access to the site
These types of errors will likely only happen when connecting through a college or university proxy. If you do see an error that mentions IP or proxy, please take a screenshot of this and send it to right away so we can reconfigure access with your library.

Examples of what these errors might look like:

  • Sorry, the authentication method ip is not supported
    Error, your proxy has bounced you back to Kanopy without authenticating you, or your proxy IP isn’t whitelisted.
  • To allow _____ to be used in a starting point URL, your EZproxy administrator must first authorize the hostname of this URL in the config.txt file.

Other errors
If you are seeing a different error, please send a screenshot and directions on how to replicate the error to

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