Finding your library on Kanopy

To check if Kanopy is available at your library, please visit On this page, enter the name of your library and select it from the dropdown list. There may be multiple results for your search, so be sure to select the correct library.


Selecting your library will either:

  1. Direct you to your library’s Kanopy page where you will be able to sign up for an account, or
  2. Direct you to a request page where you can request that your library be added to Kanopy.

If you cannot find your library, click the “Library not listed?” link to be directed to the request page.

If you find a film while browsing and would like to see if that particular film is available at your library, you can click the “Watch Now” button at the right of the film page and search in the same way described above.


Searching tips

  • If too many results appear, you can try searching for your library’s acronym (NYPL instead of New York Public Library)
  • Kanopy will often be made available through a library system rather than an individual library branch. If you are having trouble finding your library by branch name, give the system name a try!
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    Sleem Feroze

    Oakville Public Library

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    Hi Sleem! You can view Kanopy through Oakville Public Library here: