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How does Kanopy handle user support?

Kanopy provides all libraries and their patrons dedicated user support at no charge to the library.

Some libraries include some key FAQs on their website for using Kanopy and also link to Kanopy's more detailed FAQs. For example - you can see how Los Angeles profiles user FAQs and links to Kanopy FAQs here: http://www.lapl.org/kanopy. For some further detail on our customer support -

Our Customer Support includes the following:

  • Dedicated 7 day-a-week customer support
  • Detailed User FAQs posted on all Kanopy website pages for user support (https://help.kanopystreaming.com/hc/en-us/categories/200923998-For-Viewers)
  • Relevant support emails posted throughout FAQs for direct customer support
  • Film support - below every film is also a "Report a Problem" feature where users can conveniently reach out to Kanopy's support team directly during any instance of a problem (see more detail below)
  • Library card support - if patrons have issues with entering or authenticating their library cards, Kanopy will provide diagnosis of the issue and support options (see more detail below)

The film "report a problem" feature

Below every film, a user can find the report a problem feature -


Clicking on the report a problem feature will show the user a form to complete with details of their issue. This form provides all the information that Kanopy needs to support the user with their issue -


Library Card Support

When a user is also having trouble with entering or authenticating their library card, Kanopy also provides user support detail and options as well -


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