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Can't Log into a Password access Website Kanopy has Set up?

If you are trying to access a Kanopy website that Kanopy has set up for you (as a trial or otherwise), you may have an issue trying to log in to access this website.

The most common confusion is caused by the sign in to access the trial website versus the sign in to the a personal user profile when already on the trial website. To explain this further:

To access your Password / Trial website

Kanopy will have provided you with a URL link for your trial website and a username and password to enter the website with. When you click on the link to access the trial, you should see a password log in page such as this and this is the point to input the password credentials Kanopy has given you:

If you do not see this page, but rather see a page that looks like the below with the films, you are already on the trial website and are ready to watch films! You do not need to log in at this stage. Note - if you have previously accessed your trial website once from the browser you are using, you may not see the password prompt screen above and be permitted to access the trial automatically and watch films:

Setting up and Logging into a Personal User Profile

Where some people get confused is trying to log into the user profile feature when in fact they are already on the trial website. In the screenshot above, you will note another separate sign in location in the top right which looks like this:


This sign in box is located on your trial website after you have signed in, and is not the place to sign in to access your trial (you are already on your trial website) but is the place to sign up to create a personal user profile for yourself to be able to use some of the personal user features (clipmaking, recommendation engine, etc).


We hope you enjoy your trial. Please reach out to support@kanopy.com if you have any issues or questions on this!

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