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Watching Kanopy on Chromecast

Using the iOS/Android app

Before casting

  • Your smartphone or tablet must be connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast or TV with Chromecast built in.
  • You need to be logged in to the Kanopy app on your Smartphone or Tablet with a valid Kanopy account and membership.

Start casting

  • If the above conditions are met, when you launch the Kanopy app, you will see the Cast button ic_cast_white_24dp.png in the top right hand corner.
  • Tap this button and you will be shown a list of available Chromecast devices.
  • Select the one you wish to cast to. Once the connection is established, the button will change to look like this ic_cast_connected_white_24dp.png, letting you know that the app is ready to cast.
  • Start playing a video and it will be handed off to Chromecast for you to enjoy on your TV screen.

Controls while casting

  • You can control the playback by tapping on the small bar at the bottom of your mobile device’s screen, which will bring up the full screen controls, including a progress bar, access to the subtitle/closed captions selector, play/pause, etc.
  • To access the volume control, tap the Cast button and you will see a slider allowing you to adjust the volume.

Stop casting

To stop casting, tap the Cast button in the top right corner and Stop Casting.

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