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How do play credits work?

About Play Credits
Some libraries may limit the amount of films users can watch per month. If this is the case, 1) when you first log into your library's Kanopy website, you will find informational alerts regarding this and 2) you will also find a "play credit tracker" at the top of the website to alert you of how many play credits you have remaining for that month.
Play credits are used to play films on Kanopy and the number of play credits available per month varies by library. Users are provided with a set number of play credits in their account each month and this is refreshed on the first day of each calendar month.
To incur a play credit
To incur a play credit, the user must press play on a film and have the film fully load and start playing. Once a play credit is logged, the user then has a full 3 days (72 hours) to watch the film as many times as they like without using another play credit. So if you only make it through half of a film tonight, you can come back to it tomorrow night or the night after. You can find your viewing history on your settings and any films flagged that are still within your 3 day window:
After the 3 day window of unlimited plays is expired, another play credit will be used if the user presses play again.
If you use all play credits
Once all play credits have been used up, a user will not be able to play any films until the new month starts at which point they will be given a fresh quota of play credits all over again. Additional play credits are not available for purchase at this time.
If a user is a member of more than one subscribing library, they will also have access the the other library's play credits through their membership there. The user can toggle between the different library platforms in the Membership tab in their user dashboard, as well as keep track of how many play credits they have remaining at each library.



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