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Kanopy has an app for ios and android based devices. Download Kanopy from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. You must first download the app from the store.

When you first launch or open the Kanopy mobile app, you will be presented with the home screen, which allows you to browse the content on offer on the Kanopy platform. Tapping a thumbnail will take you to the "About the Movie" page where you can see duration, cast, synopsis, and other details.

In order to play a title, you will need to be logged in with a Kanopy account and have an active membership with a partner university or public library. The account setup is a 3-step process:

1) Create a Kanopy account Tap the Image result for hamburger menu icon icon in the top left corner to open the side menu. At the very bottom, tap on "Log In". At the bottom of the screen, tap on "I don't have an account"

- Create an account with Facebook or Google

If you already have a Facebook or Google account, this method is the quickest, especially if you are already logged in to that account on your mobile device.

According to which type of account you would like to use, tap on either the Facebook or Google button and follow the prompts on screen.

- Create an account with email - "Join with Email"

Enter your First Name, Last Name, a valid Email address, the Password of your choice, and tap the Sign Up button. An email will be sent to the email address you entered; please click on the included link to validate your email address.

2) Add your library

Tap the link to add your library. In the search box of the page that opens, start entering the name of your academic or public library and tap on its name in the list that appears.

 3) Connect your account with your library membership

After adding your library, the last step is to authenticate yourself as a member of that library.

- Academic library membership

Most academic institutions validate their students' membership when they are off-campus by routing them through a proxy. Please follow your regular proxy login procedure

If you are on-campus and your mobile device is connected through the university WiFi, your membership will be automatically validated.

- Public Library membership

 As a member of a Public Library, you will be prompted to enter your library card number and password or PIN.

Multiple Memberships

If you have multiple memberships, e.g.: you are a student at a partner university and are also a member of a partner public library, you can add memberships to your account by tapping the Image result for hamburger menu icon icon in the top left corner to open the side menu and then tapping either the avatar at the top, or on Profile near the bottom. This will bring up a list of the memberships currently associated with your account. At the bottom, tapping on "Add Library" and then following the instructions starting at step 2) above.

When viewing content, you will need to select which membership you wish to use, as the content available can vary between libraries. To do this, access your profile and tap on any of the memberships marked as Active to switch to it. The membership currently in use will be displayed at the top of your profile page, next to the avatar.


Once you have successfully created your account as outlined above, you will be able to play videos from the Kanopy catalog. In the player, tap the screen to bring up the player's user interface. At the bottom of the screen you will see the Play/pause button, the quick rewind button, the progress bar and the remaining play time clock. To fast forward, please tap and drag the progress indicator on the progress bar.


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