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What can I do on my own website to help drive sales on Kanopy?

1) Selling Kanopy 1 or 3 year Licenses

You can sell Kanopy 1 or 3 year licenses on your own website, collect the funds and simply notify us once you have made a sale and we'll process it on your behalf. At the end of the quarter, you simply send us 30% of all sales you have made. 

Please contact us before doing the above as we will need to send you some terms and conditions that your customer must agree to before you process any sales. This is usually just a checkbox your customers will need to check before inputting payment details. 

Click here for is an example of the way MEF sell Kanopy licenses.

2) Include a link to your Channel Page on Kanopy

You can direct your customers to your channel page on Kanopy by including a url. We have a "Watch now on Kanopy" button that you can also use. Your customers can click on this and be directed to your channel page on the Kanopy webshop. You can download this button by clicking below.

 You can also use the logos that are located here.

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