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How can I add a filmmaker comment to my film?

Adding a filmmaker comment promotes your film to the "Filmmakers on their Films" shelf which is a highly trafficked area of the video portal. Suppliers or rights owners can also add comments about the films they represent.

To add a comment, you must visit your Kanopy video portal. This is the demo video portal that we give you so you can review how your films appear and play from a user perspective. If you don't have your video portal, please email support@kanopystreaming.com. Note this different to the Kanopy webshop.

Once you have searched for your video, scroll down to the 'comments' section under the video. Click on the comments box and include your text.


We recommend a conversational tone, as though you are talking to a small group of professors/students. The more personal the better. eg "I made this film because...." OR "My hope for this film is ...." OR "I often get asked 'what happened next?'"

To post, you will need to sign in with either Facebook, Google or create an account on Kanopy. Simply follow the prompts to post your comment. 

Our product team monitors comments throughout the day so they will tag your account as "supplier" or "filmmaker" so users know your status.

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