How to create a user account (and why)?

Why create a user profile?

You can create a personal "user account" on Kanopy by selecting the "Sign in" button at the top right of your Kanopy website and creating a profile. Anyone can simply access the website to watch films but there are a number of benefits you get from creating a profile, such as:

  • You can edit films (e.g. create clips and playlists) - and share these or store them for later reference
  • You can create watchlists of your favorite films - and share these or store them for later reference
  • You maintain a log of your viewing history - for your reference and for finding other like film suggestions
  • You can enjoy a personalized user experience on the website - for when you log in we can tailor the film experience to profile the films most relevant to you (e.g. if you uniquely care about history films, the homepage will be curated to profile more history films)
  • ... and many other great features

How to create a user profile?

1) Access your institution's Kanopy website and once on the website, select the 'Sign In' button in the top right of the page

2) Create an account by either (1) using your social media account (Facebook, Google) or (2) select 'Sign up with your email address in seconds' to create a non-social media linked account

3) You will now been signed in to your Kanopy account. Whenever you are signed in, you can access your ‘Dashboard’ from the top right. On the Dashboard, you can manage your personal profile details, your clips/playlists, watch list, recently watched, comments, and more.


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