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How to create your Kanopy user account?

Why create a user profile?

You can create your personal "user profile" on Kanopy by selecting the "Sign up" button at the top right of your Kanopy website. For some libraries, you will need to create and be signed into your profile to be able to watch films; for others, it may be optional but still be a good idea to get access to "power user" features!

How to create your user profile?

Step 1)

Select the 'Sign up' button in the top right of the Kanopy website.


Step 2)

Create an account by either (1) using your social media account (Facebook, Google) or (2) select 'Sign up with your email address in seconds' to create a non-social media linked account. If you select option 2, you will then be prompted to verify your email address.


Step 3)

Step 3 will only be a relevant step if you are creating your profile on www.kanopy.com (as opposed to creating your profile on your library's specific Kanopy website). If you have created your account on www.kanopy.com, we now need to find out which libraries you are a member of, so you will be prompted to "attach" your account to your library memberships. 

Follow the prompts to do this, or you can select "My Dashboard" from the dropdown menu at the top right of the page, go to the "memberships" tab, and add then add the library or libraries that you are a member of.



Step 4)

You are now set up! Whenever you are signed into your user account, you can access your ‘Dashboard’ from the top right. On the Dashboard, you can manage your personal profile details, your clips/playlists, watch list, recently watched, comments, and more. You can see more on the features of the user account here.

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