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How to request a film not yet on Kanopy ("Search & Find")?

What is the Search Service?

Kanopy's "Search & Find" service provides dedicated personal support to libraries requesting high priority films in streaming. It is a complimentary service we offer which is intended to support libraries in sourcing films in streaming they need for instruction.

We do also accept general "film suggestions" as well (i.e. "these films would be nice to have available if possible"), which we log in the system to (1) support with rights negotiations and (2) ensure we are reminded to alert you if they ever become available. However, the "search service" is more intended to support for the films specifically needed.

How to log my search request?

To log your search request, please email search@kanopy.com with as much information about the film you can (links to the film are best). We treat these requests by default as "search requests" (i.e. we really want these films / course requests); please let us know if they are in fact more just "film suggestions" (i.e. these would nice to have).

How does the Search process work?

You will be immediately notified that your search request has been logged. Typically we will have a response to you within 48 hours if a title is a definite YES or NO (we know what the answer is); for MAYBES, we will put them into the search process.

The search team will track down the rights owner for the film and negotiate for the rights. We typically ask for ~2-3 weeks for this process - the timing is largely out of our hands and depends very much on the rights owner and if and when they respond. Some move quickly (especially producers we have preexisting relationships with), whilst others can take longer with their deliberations. We will typically "close" a request if it is taking too long without any signs of possible success at the 3 week mark. We will aim to provide ongoing updates on the search and you can always email the search team directly for an update.

The service will not have a 100% success-rate on sourcing the films. We aim for a 50% success rate but this very much depends on the nature of the films you are requesting (e.g. Hollywood titles will be more difficult than documentaries; films from existing producers are easier than new producers who need new agreements). 

What happens if you source the film?

This is a free service we offer and we do not charge for the effort our team invests into investigating and trying to source the films for you.

In order to ensure this service is sustainable and is prioritized towards sourcing the films most needed by colleges, we do hope that you will actually use or license/order any films we source for you upfront a-la-carte, even if you are on the PDA or other patron driven programs.

This is because (1) the team has invested quite a lot of effort into sourcing and preparing the films - effort taken away from investigating other films for other libraries; and (2) the filmmaker/rights owner providing the films has done so with an expectation that at least one order has been placed. If you are on PDA, we hope you will license the film for the first license period (e.g. 1 year) after which the film will fall into your PDA pool as per normal. We imagine that in placing the request for the film, it would likely be a high-priority film important to your library that would trigger under PDA anyway.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this at all - search@kanopy.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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