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Kanopy on Roku FAQs

Q: I can access Kanopy on my computer from my university, but when I want to view Kanopy content with my Roku, I am told I need to link my Roku device to my Kanopy account.

A: Knowing who you are allows us to show you the content your institution has subscribed to. This also allows us to display your Watchlist and resume your playback from your online account, in Roku.


Q: How can I log out of Kanopy on my Roku?

A: Go all the way to the left on the Home screen to access the side bar, scroll all the way down to the Logout option.


Q: Why can I see my Watchlist on Roku, but not change it?

A: For now, you can manage your Watchlist from your computer and it will be displayed in Roku. The feature to add and remove videos from your Watchlist on Roku will be implemented in a future version.


Q: How do I turn on closed captioning or subtitles?

A: Press (*) on your remote control while watching a video. If closed captioning/subtitles are available for the video, you will see the options there. These closed caption/subtitle options will remain active across any videos you watch, until you change them.

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